Recipe: Nairobian Coconut Samaki

Henry Odhiambo shared his version of Kenyan home cooking with the Candler community, Thursday, November 20, at the third Poor Seminarian’s Cooking Demo this semester. Henry, with the knife skills (and verbal prompts) of Audrey Hindes, prepared Nairobian Coconut Samaki, a delicious dish of fish and vegetables stewed in coconut milk.  Thanks to Henry and Audrey for the wonderful food, and thanks to those who came out to the event!


2 lbs tilapia fillet
Six large red/yellow bell peppers
Two large purple onions
Four large tomatoes
Fresh cooking cream
One can of coconut milk
Four cloves of garlic
One teaspoon cumin
One teaspoon turmeric
Two tablespoons honey (or to taste)
Cooking oil
Steamed rice (either with raisins or dried cherries for a sweet twist)

Fry onions and garlic in oil until tender; do not brown. Add cumin seeds/spice; stir. Add tomatoes; stir and cover for a few minutes. Stir again then add turmeric and mix well. Add bell pepper, cream, and coconut milk. Add salt and honey; cover and let cook for a few minutes. Add fish and coriander; stir and cover for four minutes (do not exceed this time or the fish will crumble).

Serve hot with steamed rice, pasta, roast/mashed potatoes, or naan (or chapati [a Kenyan version of naan]).




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